Monday, August 8, 2016

Training Session #2

Time is surely passing by quickly!  Today was a day for training and meeting with contractors. (and a trip to the doctor for me...)
UPi this way!

One of the important goals of our project is to transfer knowledge to people in Honduras. Today we had the pleasure of giving a seminar and tour to local government officials in several agencies. We had representatives from SANAA (Servicio Autónomo Nacional de Acueductos y Alcantarillados), DGE (Dirección General de Energia), and DGA (Dirección General del Ambiente).  This means we had water and wastewater, energy, and environmental representatives - an excellent mixture for our discussions. Ing. Luis Eveline is great at putting together the right groups. 

We started the day at UPi to present on water quality (agriculture and drinking water), desalination as a potential source of water for Honduras farmers, and ended with a summary and discussion of the technology that we have brought to Tegucigalpa, Zero Discharge Desalination (ZDD). After some tasty snacks we hopped in a bus and drove to the pilot site. As expected, Mr. Rusbel knows the best ways to navigate a busy city! Everyone got to see the equipment and ask additional questions. A few of the SANAA folks are going to come back and visit when we are operating. After the pilot site, we drove back to UPi for lunch and presentation of certificates.

I love when people are genuinely excited about certificates. Here's a picture with me, Chancellor (Rectora) Carolina Funes (UPi), and another Victoria!
(Photo credit: Victoria Amador)
Here's our whole group, including Rectora Funes and Ing. Luis Eveline (front, right)
(Photo credit: Victoria Amador)
Visiting the Pilot Site
(Photo credit: Victoria Amador)
Zero Discharge Desalination with Salt Recovery & Enhanced Evaporation. Clara does almost all of the talking, since I am still learning Spanish. Occasionally, I am able to stumble through a few sentences.
(Photo credit: Victoria Amador)
The view from the second floor of UPi near the classroom we were using. It is open air and the colors are lovely at UPi.


  1. You are rock stars! Keep up the great work!

  2. That's so cool! My photo is there :) Keep going like that, the work that you guys are doing with that research is pretty amazing!